Slow day…

It’s been one of those days. I can’t describe it well unless you’ve been a working mother with a working husband working together to play taxi to three phenomenal but very human special angels.

I’m beat, and when I’m beat, creativity tends to fail. The beauty of having had an old school blog (AKA the private journal no one has ever really read) is you can recycle old entries from hard copy onto the Internet.

Sometimes, I used poetry to try to corral all the horses of wild emotions and untamed thoughts into some semblance of reason. Unfortunately for you, I’m no horse whisperer of the prose world. But maybe in the sharing, you can get some ideas of some different things to do in your journal or blog.

So without further adieu…


Who am I and why do I do what I do…

…Because I have been broken, I understand brokenness

…Because I have been mistreated, I know it’s a cycle, and hurting people hurt people

…Because I have been Western world broke, I ache for the Western homeless and the third world poor

…Because I have lived injustice, I can fight passionately and wound incessantly

…Because I write, I try to choose words as medicine or poison

…Because I have been spiritually, mentally, and physically sick, I can choose to open my eyes to the hurt and suffering

…Because I have been loved, I can love lavishly in a humanly unconditional way

…Because I have been a rebel, I have learned that mistakes are okay as long as you learn and grow

…Because I have climbed a pit, I know how to hold onto Light in the deepest darkness

…Because a Righteous Man died a sinner’s death 2,000 years ago, I can choose to live as an overcoming masterpiece, shining like a royal star


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