Revenge–Cold and Sweet

I have a temper. Well, according to my husband, that’s an understatement.

I have an anger management problem. When I get angry, I want to manage and control all the people and things that make me angry. I want:

  • Cannons on the hood of my SUV
  • Tazers for the gossipy grocery store or church lobby types
  • Sulfuric acid for the disaster zones known as teenage bedrooms
  • Ropes, chains, and duct tape for all the people in authority with wisdom issues (and not in that way)

The reality is I cannot control anyone or anything but me. I cannot manage any attitudes but those within my heart and mind. The only thing I can discipline is my own soul.

Sometimes, the issue is a non-issue. I’ve just had a long day, and I need to see myself as enough of a person to do what I would do for one of my kids–put on soft music, make a snack, and curl up in bed.

Other times, it’s because I’ve just had a mirror to my own heart in the actions of others. What I see irritates me because I know the same thing lurks somewhere deep in the recesses and dark corners that I’m not ready to share with the still, small Voice.

Finally, the issue may just be that the other person is the meanest, nastiest, grungiest SOB in all the universe. In those cases, it’s just not worth wasting the energy to get upset. It’s best to just see them as too badly broken for you to be able to fix.

The best way to win in that case–the sweetest, coldest revenge, if you will–is to just go on with life and succeed. Be happy and joyful and kind to children and small animals. Balance work and life. Dance with the still, small Voice. Only your success and happiness can truly irritate these miserable individuals more than anything else in life.



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