Severe Depression or Homesickness???

“I can’t take the news anymore. It’s too dark.”

“Stop the world. I want to get off. This is one bad trip!”

“I just don’t want to deal with people anymore. Can’t we all just get along?”

“I just don’t fit. Everyone seems comfortable together, but I’m on the outside looking in.”

“I’m tired and I’m weary. I just want to go Home.”


We’ve all heard these statements. People we know say them. We overhear them in conversations as we pass groups of friends on the street or people walking a city street together.

For some professionals, these are cries for help. The person clearly needs immediate medication and psychiatric treatment. Obviously, the individual is not normal and must immediately seek help.

And in some cases, that assessment might be accurate. But not all…

If we can accept that the truth of reality is a diamond, then we can accept that just as a diamond has many facets, reality has many perspectives from which we can perceive any statement or situation.

Let’s flip this truth diamond, shall we?

On the surface, these statements all seem so negative, so energy sucking, so life draining. But what if the person listens to the still, small Voice? Admittedly, the statements aren’t encouraging. But they represent Truth.

When you listen to the still, small Voice, you can see that you are to live your life as a star shines in the darkness, so you know that all the news that’s fit to print may not be fit to read and may be an attempt to snuff out the Light inside.

The world will spin out of control, faster and faster with wars, rumors of wars, famines, new diseases, and yes, you will want to be snatched away from this chaos.

Because others don’t acknowledge their still, small Voice or cannot connect very well, it won’t be easy dealing with people; they will be mean, two-faced, hard-nosed, and every other nasty in the Book.

And, you won’t completely fit in with those who don’t listen to their still, small Voice or connect to Him. Connection and disconnection just can’t communicate well together.

Finally, doing the right thing to keep the connection with the still, small Voice takes energy, a lot of energy. It is easy to long for a day and a place where instead of connecting with the still, small Voice you actually live in His presence, perfect and unbroken, enjoying endless fellowship with Him.

So, we’ve looked at the facet of brokenness. What’s the other facet?

Hope. Hope for the future.

Hope to live in a city where the still, small Voice lights the way so the sun and moon and stars are unnecessary.

Hope that we end up in a perfect place when this life’s journey is over.

Hope for an end to brokenness where we fellowship perfectly with the still, small Voice and those from every nation, ethnicity, and language group who serve Him.

Hope that in the Voice’s city we will be fixed and the new normal will be achieved when abnormal passes away.

Hope to one day be in the Presence of the still, small Voice and not have to jiggle the connection like some used to adjust rabbit ear antennas.

The end is in sight. Just press into the still, small Voice a little closer. (And if you’re a medical professional, try not to assume pharmaceuticals cure what ails some followers of the still, small Voice.)


“The next day John saw Jesus coming toward him, and said, ‘Behold! The Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world!'” — John 1:29


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