The Feisty, Fiery Goblin…

In prior posts, I’ve discussed the monsters that mob us and make us lose our humanity or make us feel less than human. Today’s goblin is no exception.

Meet anger.

He is fiery and feisty, so energetic that even the weakest respond with fight–not toward him, but toward others. Sometimes, he is silent and stealthy, almost invisible, hiding inside humans and only slipping out through their eyes and tongues. Other times, he is loud and obnoxious, feeding the fear dragon while he [the anger goblin] publicly struts his stuff; the anger goblin explodes on the scene through curse words and flying objects and fists. And all the actions of this goblin are on a spectrum somewhere between these two.

Giving place to this goblin not only destroys your peace; it can also affect your physical health. Heart disease, stroke, cancer and weakened immune systems are all signs that the goblin may have taken residence nearby and been an unwanted tenant for far too long.

Unfortunately, this goblin has siblings and cousins and aunties–probably enough to have at least one goblin for every person on earth. In addition, he connects well with the other monsters like fear and mistrust; once you’ve experienced one member of this goblin family, you tend to expect to meet them more and more. Unless you’re fully under its power, you even try to isolate to avoid. Influenced, you actually seek out a target on which to unleash him and his family.

How is this goblin family defeated? First, we need to recognize that all of his actions, from the silent and stealthy to the loud and obnoxious, make it harder for us to connect to the still, small Voice. We cannot do what the still, small Voice desires if we are under the influence of anger. Even if we manage to stumble on the right thing, our motive will be wrong and undermine the right we try to do.

Then, we need to choose to act in a way that counters his actions. If he is being loud and obnoxious, we need to quickly choose to listen, deliberately choose to speak little, and fight to slow our obedience to the desires of the goblin clan. If he is silent and stealthy, we need to fight to connect to the still, small Voice. We need to choose to do what the still, small Voice would do–lovingly rebuke the target or source of the goblin. This rebuke should be peaceful, considerate and respectful, humble, full of mercy and desirous of good outcomes, impartial, and sincere.

When we fall prey to his attacks, we need to stop and take a brief rest from the world. We need to reconnect to our still, small Voice. We need to work with the still, small Voice to analyze where we failed, determine the best course of action for the next engagement, and decide if any actions can fix the damage from the attack.

I wish I could tell you this goblin could be fully subdued and made to disappear. It can’t–its family is too large. You will fight it over and over and over…to eternity and beyond. However, each time you fight according to the instructions of the still, small Voice, the goblin family becomes less and less powerful in your heart and mind.


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