Praying Down the Fear Dragon…

In the past, I’ve written about the importance of wrestling the fear dragon into submission. I believe that two of the strongest tools we have are communication with the still, small Voice and using the Words of the still, small Voice as we wrestle the dragon.

I’d like to share a prayer I use in wrestling the fear dragon. I wrote it over a year ago. It is based on Psalm 46:10, Isaiah 51:16, Malachi 4:2, Luke 12:25-26, and 1 John 4:18. It also covers the dragon’s cousins of worry and anxiety. Feel free to share!


Lord, worry, anxiety, and fear are strong in me. I see them on a continuum, that one leads to another.

If I don’t take my thoughts captive at the worry stage, I end up with erratic fear with no basis in reason.

I repent of the lack of surrender that leads to needing the wrong kind of control and not trusting You. I choose to remember that You said I cannot lengthen my life by worrying and that science shows worry shortens life.

When I worry, fret anxiously, and feel afraid, please Jesus help me be still and know that You are God. You have hidden me in the palms of Your hands. Replace my faithless fear with reverential respect that hopes for healing from the wings of the Sun of Righteousness and longs for Your perfect love that casts out all fear.

Perfect me in my experience of Your perfect love so that ungodly fear disappears and reverential respect rises in me. Give me peace, allowing me to trust You and surrender to your perfect will.


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