Please help me understand the (il)logic…

I’ve been trying tuna for about the last six or eight months. I had a favorite brand (won’t mention any names, but it’s brand is similar to an insect of the Genus Bombus), until right around the time my daughter was diagnosed with soy allergies.

Now, when I bought the brand, the labeling on the front of the can stated it was packed in water. Foolish me, I was too tired from reading 2-point font everywhere to actually look on the back in the ingredients list.

When I turn it over, it also has vegetable broth in it. Now, it does say water in the list, but it also has vegetable broth and the allergen lists soy.

So, we have cans to go to a local food pantry.

Now, I need someone to explain to me how vegetable broth and water can be simply labeled as water on the front of the can. Yes, I goofed; a trip to the supermarket can be exhausting when you can’t purchase anything with soy, corn, tomatoes, or artificial chemicals. But somehow, it is more logical to simply label it as tuna instead of misleading uneducated or tired consumers into purchasing something looking like it’s packed in water instead of something that’s packed in more than water.

Now, I did try to contact the maker of said products about the issue. They did admit they do use soy sometimes. And they helpfully tried to suggest another product. Obviously, they don’t live on a budget… the other product was far more expensive.

So now, I need to understand why it’s more expensive to pack tuna in water, only water, pure water, cool water, clear water. Somehow, from all my time in the kitchen, I’ve found it far more costly in time, effort, and energy, to heat water, clean vegetables, and boil vegetables.

So, while I wait for the explanation, I’ve switched to another brand… something about Mother Earth and a vow.

Hope this warning helps all of you be more on your toes! Also hope grocery shopping isn’t the olympic mathathon for you that it is for me.  🙂



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