The Master Artist

Author’s Note: This was a poem I wrote, probably for my mom’s birthday, at some point in the late 80s. I don’t have an exact date. And yes, mom, I’m still working on my temper. 😉 I have taken the liberty of adding some punctuation and fixing some editing issues, as well as redoing the way the lines are pieced together.


The Master Artist

The cosmos is God’s masterpiece surrounding masterpieces.
Each black hole, each mitochondria, shows God’s infinite genius.
Each mountain, each grain of sand, shows Go’d sense of beauty and pleasure.
God creates and God destroys in His own wisdom and time.
For though He is the King of Kings, and His empire is the cosmos itself,
He even notices a sparrow’s fall.
The Father has created His masterpiece.
It has please Him, but it has displeased Him too.
Though this world will pass away, God will continue to create and to destroy for all eternity.
For He is the Master Artist.



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