Naughty Girls Need Love, Too ;)

I have friends and family all over the place, so I sometimes get the pleasure of reading about local news from an area other than home.

One particular item over the last few months caught my eye. It seems there is a business near where a particular branch of my family lives, and this business has just caused the height of scandal. Okay, so maybe my tone is a little facetious…

The business has raised many an eyebrow. It’s called the Naughty Girls Donut Shop (please visit the web site and come on back). It has a 1950s theme with images of pin-ups from the same era… you know, Marilyn Monroe and the like. And reading of the harassment the owner was receiving, including threats of boycotts and hell for all eternity, my interest was piqued.

On the surface, the moral outrage is semi-understandable. However, you really should visit the shop. All the help is well-dressed and well-groomed. Not a one had anything naughty on their bodies that could be seen. The entire place was clean, and the help was friendly and had good attitudes despite the long lines. They even had special, easily-accessible booths for mothers with small children (a perk I would have enjoyed anywhere I went about 10 years ago). And quite frankly, you see more flesh going to the beach for the weekend than you do in that shop… do I hear boycotts for Atlantic City, Ocean City, Miami, or San Diego yet?

I think there is a much deeper soul issue going on in the boycotters, and it has to do with the true back story.

Tiana Ramos is a young minor from a minority. She has a true gift for food, the devilishly sinful kind that makes you gain weight just by smelling it. She took that gift and turned it into a business, a quite profitable business. As part of creating a profitable business, she found a theme that gets your attention and sucks you right in either through curiosity regarding the theme or genuine love for all things sweet. This gift even won her a full scholarship to a prestigious school for her trade, the Culinary Institute of America. And her profit profits the entire community as she donates to a wide variety of local charities… as generous as she is enterprising.

I suspect the boycott participants are jealous… jealous of her gifts, jealous of her success, jealous of her generosity, jealous of her opportunity, and jealous of her success. I also suspect there is a bit of judgment and discrimination based on her gender, her age, her family’s origin.

I also suspect there is a bit of high-handed puritanical zeal as everything I’ve read clearly indicates she is trying to create a safe place for all the misfits, all the people who don’t get the social rules or who do get the rules yet refuse to follow them. It’s also pretty apparent that, in selecting the theme for her shop, the teen was just poking fun at a society where brainy, creative women can’t be beautiful and beautiful women can’t be brainy and creative, and if they are, well the entire thread of society unravels into a huge meltdown of name-calling and sin-naming.Katrina at naughty girls

And so, with my scrimped junk change in hand, I was excited to visit this establishment on a recent trip to visit my relatives. (I… um… actually begged for weeks in advance.) I was proud to buy something small.

And I strongly encourage you, if you are ever within a 50-mile radius of this shop, to stop by and support this young woman in her creative, entrepreneurial endeavors!


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