Bright and Dazzling…

Author’s Note: Another poem I wrote. This one has a date of 08/05/91. The theme for the entire summer seems to be light and dark and dazzling. I can also see I set up a rhyme scheme just for this poem like I was trying to discipline myself as a writer; wow, did I make it complicated. I really wish I’d been journaling, or maybe not. Anyway, here’s another to enjoy!

A bright and dazzling darkness has arrived.
It smothers me with arms unseen and strong,
Squeezing the light that shines within my soul.
I know that I cannot survive for long.

A ray of hope cuts through my dazzling night,
But psychedelic shapes refuse to bend.
My enemy’s shout is a clanging gong,
And I look for a place to heal and mend.

When I am there I can look at the sky
And see the stars wink slyly at the moon.
I feel I am surrounded by a Friend,
And He assures me that the end is soon.

Wearing the night of hell my foe contrived,
Yet I felt nothing from my heart’s cocoon.


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