Three Acrostics

Author’s Note: At some point in some summer (July) in the early 90s, I was exposed to the notion of an acrostic. The premise is semi-simple. You take a word and write a poem. Each line begins with the letters in the word (in order) and describes in theory the word.


Denying the existence of my uniqueness
Ultimately dancing with the devil and the deep blue sea
Always fighting
Love unimaginable and unsurpassed
I fought the inevitable
Tensing at the slightest question of reality (my reality)
Yet accepting that that which is, is valid and requires no defense


Burning love
And stubborn pride
Prayerfully collided
This day
Insecurities removed
Sensing the ultimate
My Master


Sensing our every need
Helping as befits His plan
Everlasting Love
Promoting free will and obedience
Hearing and seeing all
Empowering as the Spirit moves
Restoring guiltlessness
Denying enemies access


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