The Counterfeit

Author’s Note: This is going to be a post from a devout Christian perspective. Read on if you dare!


Recently, my middle child (my daughter of thunder and lightning) and I were running some errands. We stopped at a bank to get some money for grocery shopping. As we were handed our money, I noticed we had a couple of the new $100 bills. I was curious, and the teller was generous with her time. I held it up to the light to see all the features that identified it as a genuine, real deal piece of paper money. I pointed them out to my daughter, especially how all the markings were bonded directly to that bill.

Later on in the evening as I was working some issues out with the Holy Spirit, he reminded me of that bill and then he gave me a remarkable analogy I thought I’d like to share.

All of us on this earth are like that money. Some of us are fresh and crisp, some of us are worn and crumpled and tattered, some of us are in between.

As the moment of the Rapture, Abba will have Gabriel blow the trumpet. At the same time, He (Abba) will shine a special light. All of us who are marked as belonging to Jesus Christ will have the seal  of the Holy Spirit on our foreheads. We will be instantly changed, the dead first, followed by the living. And then, in the modern parlance, we will blow this joint.

Without the light of God the Father, we don’t know for sure who’s genuine and who’s not. We may have hints based on their lives, but we won’t know fully until that moment.

At that moment, may we all be found to be genuine, “real deal” followers of Jesus Christ. Nothing else will prepare us for that moment.



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