Days of the Week

I belong to several writing groups on FB (surprise, surprise). In addition to jokes only grammarians and schoolmarms would get, sometimes these groups actually give some good writing topic suggestions and prompts.

So I’m going to stretch as a writer and take today’s challenge: Describe each of the days of the week with human personalities.

Monday: She is a strict task mistress. Heavy, sedate, and strong, she demands a kind of precision and clockwork accuracy that very few of us could ever achieve. She almost has OCD about organization and discipline. If you saw her outfit, it would be a floor-length fitted skirt with a Victorian era lace blouse and lace up heels.

Tuesday: He is jovial and happy go-lucky in his attitude. He’s always smiling and laughing. His blue collar roots run deep. He is loyal and faithful in all his activities, but he knows how to relax when the time is right. He runs around in work boots and Dickies work pants and shirts. He’s pretty much your average Joe.

Wednesday: No one quite knows what s/he is. The gender of this individual is all but absent. The clothes can be worn by men or woman. It’s almost like the person is malleable, a work in progress. So much has already been done, but Wednesday wanders aimlessly like s/he knows there’s more to life if s/he could only find it. Friends are few for Wednesday, but they are genuine and eclectic.

Thursday: He is your absent minded professor. His tweed suit is crumpled, and if you look from the wrong angle, you can see a stain from last week’s meatloaf and gravy in the cafeteria. He’s really smart, but if you catch him at the wrong time, he can’t seem to find his name let alone the book he promised to lend you. He is somewhat introverted.

Friday: He rides the wind on an original Harley, wandering around looking for the next human adventure story. His black riding leathers are worn and comfortable, and his boots are strong enough to take whatever terrain he finds. He’s just finished helping a farmer in need before he hops on his bike to follow a small country back road to the next day job. He’s as intense about his bike as he is concerned for his fellow man (and woman), even the ones who are just friends he hasn’t met yet.

Saturday: She is your suburban soccer mom. She is organized and disciplined, but she has just enough humor and humanity to make her endearing. She’s running carpools and baking for the PTA. Her hair is tied back with an old bandana like her father used as a handkerchief, and her jeans and sweater are new enough to look good but worn enough to be comfortable. Everyone loves her, especially children and puppies.

Sunday: She is the original crunchy granola hippy chick. She has a tie-dyed T-shirt and a floor length broomstick skirt. She walks barefoot in the grass, with just a hint of a hemp anklet peeking out, and her Birkenstocks dangle from her thumb. Her laid back soul leads her to wander aimlessly looking at clouds and birds and trees and grass. Her thoughts are as deep as the ocean and as numerous as the grains of sand.


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