Zippy Takeover, #5

So much news, so little time…


I’ve missed ‘Ginz so much, but I learned I have other dog friends in the neighborhood. ‘Lee is a beautiful girl, nice and dark and tall. She can get a little rough though, but she’s lots of fun. ‘Bulz and ‘Een’t live together; they bark so much, but they don’t visit too often. They seem to be enough for each other.

But the friend I’ve gotten to visit the most is ‘Zee. I can’t believe how old she is. She doesn’t run fast, but that’s okay because I can keep up. There are so many good things to smell. I have to be careful though. She seems to smell like she hurts like my adult human female. Sometimes I have so much fun sharing her yard with her that I forget and try to run into her to wrestle with her. She doesn’t like that.

The best thing about ‘Zee is her yard. It has this funny wall around it. It’s not a real tall wall. It’s about as tall as my humans and made of black metal trees. I can’t get out when I want to. But I can be off the string that ties me to my humans. I can sniff and smell and pee and poop wherever I want; I don’t have to get tugged around the neck to move someplace else.

Mom and ‘On

I think I finally got the names for the adult humans in my house. The adult female, the one that cooks and cleans (and moves so much I get sick watching) is called Mom. She keeps all the younger female humans in line. She makes them change and clean and put their artificial fur away. She makes them really good smelling food; I still don’t understand why she won’t let them share with me. She even has them take me outside. They aren’t always real happy with her, but I am. I wonder if I can nip them into following her leadership?

‘On is kind of different. He doesn’t move much, and when he does, he smells funny like his body doesn’t work right. He’s not real fast. He seems to like the outside a lot; he walks outside and goes away for hours until dark, and he’s really far because I can’t smell him freshly. But he is really fun. He gets so rough and he flops my ears around and scratches me really fast and hard; I’m not so fond of it when he tries to do that human barking into my back though.

‘Ginz has a Mom and ‘On. So does ‘Lee and ‘Bulz and ‘Een’t. I’m worried though because as happy as ‘Zee is, she only seems to have an ‘On. I thought she had a Mom because this adult female human came over to talk to my Mom when ‘Zee didn’t want to stay in her wall, but then the adult female human went away from my Mom.

I didn’t always have a Mom and ‘On. I’m wondering if a Mom and ‘On are why I’m starting to feel better. But then ‘Zee only has an ‘On. I need to watch and smell more.

Bulls Eye Plants

In my memory lost somewhere, I had this older dog tell me all the fun he had in his whelp with bulls eye plants. He told us about how they were these big circles made of fat leaves. He said their only purpose was for us to pee on them, and not just anywhere, but right in the center where all the leaves meet. But then he disappeared, and I never got to see a real one.

Then, just the other day, I was out on a walk with one of the younger female humans I live with. I wish I had a name for her since she shakes my name at me, but these human names are all crazy and sound so much alike. We were going down a hill.

There, at the bottom of the hill, I saw it. It was big and green and round. It was so beautiful. And I felt that urge. Bulls eye!

The Invisible Man

These humans I live with are really good to me. But they do these funny things. They all look at and talk about this picture of this man ‘Eezuz. I don’t see him and I don’t smell him, so he can’t be real. But they all act like ‘Eezuz is real. They talk about what he says and what he does. They have this thing that humans call a book that they sit around to tell stories about him. They must have a really hard time learning since they’ve used the book more than once. However crazy they are, he must be a very good master because they get all happy and nice to each other when they talk about him. They do smell really, really good. The good thing is that they must be as confused as I am about whether he’s real because they talk about what would ‘Eezuz do all the time.


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