The Post-Modern Serenity Prayer

I have always loved “The Serenity Prayer.”

I can remember being very little at my mammy and pappy’s house and reading the prayer on my pappy’s decorative plate; the words were interwoven with hands clasped in prayer; the script was very fancy and reminiscent of the calligraphy in centuries old Bibles.

I know people in recovery who walk day by day trusting that prayer and its simplicity (as well as their Higher Power) to stay on a straight and true path and avoid the things that so easily snare them in futility.

In the spirit of that prayer, I have chosen to give up Facebook for the summer. I did not deactivate my account. I simply left a breadcrumb trail of favorite or meaningful songs ending in an “until we meet again” post.

I appreciate the importance of connection, and I love keeping in contact with family and friends. However, time after time, I would sit at that screen, mostly discouraged and disconnected, over-advertised and marketed into a mind-numbing oblivion, unable to truly train my feed to show me the people and ideas that matter most.

So, for the summer, I am foregoing Facebook. I will connect in real time with my kids and my husband, my dog, my neighbors, and my friends in my new denominational pew. (Don’t worry; the blog stays! =) )

One of the last things I posted before I left was a modernization of “The Serenity Prayer.” I hope I’ve done it justice without violating copyrights. I consider it a reminder of why I need this Facebook vacation.

Jesus, please grant me the serenity to accept that I cannot change social media; the courage to change my own habits and attitudes; and the wisdom to know it will make a difference in me!


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