Zippy Takeover, #6

It’s been a while, and I’ve had a lot of time to think (thanks to my mom and the v-e-t).

Indoor Rain Showers

My humans are so crazy. When we’re outside and water falls from the sky in the form of rain, they run and take me inside. Don’t get me wrong; I’d rather be inside.

But then, everyday, they go into this room. I’m not allowed to be in there with them. They step into this kennel with walls and a weird blanket. They turn this odd shaped bone, and water starts to fall like rain out of another bone.

They like it. I can sense them moving and splashing water; one of the whelp even sings (singing is the human form of our howling). When they come out, they smell not natural and nasty and they have different artificial fur (they call them clothes).

Why would you bring a way to make rain showers inside if you don’t like them outside?

And then they have this little pond they pee in. And they won’t let me drink from it, even after they’ve gotten all the bad stuff out and put good water in.

But the most horrific thing of all is that they put me in this unnatural rain shower. Regularly. They don’t seem to get my message that I don’t like it when I shake all the water off. And I have to use some not natural and nasty stuff (no, mom dumps it on me and rubs it all over–I don’t ever choose to use that stuff).

And when mom’s done, she makes a hot wind storm. I can’t leave until my fur is dry. I hate the way I smell when she’s done. No moping ever stops her.

Weird Bones

My humans make me so angry all the time. They have these weird bones. They point some at the rectangle, and it makes the pictures change. They slide others by the keyboard on the other rectangle, and it makes the words and pictures change. They have another that makes a sound that make them run to find it, and then they bark… er, talk into it. But they won’t share them with me. And when I try to hide the weird bones to play with them, my humans get angry.

I’m so confused. I thought bones were for sharing. ‘Zee drops a bone for me to find all the time when I visit her. I am always sharing my blue bone with my humans, but they throw it back at me.


I hate it when my mom makes me go to the V-E-T. She acts all happy like it’s a good thing. Then she makes me sit still in that moving kennel of hers (I think the word is car). Sometimes, I’d like to make her stand on a rectangle and then lie still on a cold table and have a weird bone in her tail.

However, I have to admit the last two times I went, the V-E-T made me feel better. A while ago, I went with this itchy thing on my eye; I came home sleepy and tired and without the little thing on my eye.

This last time I just had this patch of itchy, yucky skin. I think something tried to bite me, but my mom keeps me so yucky smelling that it gave up and crawled away to die from the stench. BUT it made me itchy. I scratched and scratched until my mom and one of her whelp wouldn’t even touch that patch to scratch me and make me feel better.

I came home with pills to take all the time and a spray that I hate but feels good. I’m not sure how I like the one set of pills because they… make me… sleepy… zzzzzzzzzzzkjk;akdfj;kfj;adlkfjlkfjalkf

Sorry, fell asleep for a bit, and at dark when I like to move too. Think I’m just going to go sleep. No more thinking, it’s too human for now.


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