Update to Primal Scream 4…

Now, post-hysterectomy but still with ovaries intact, I’ve been stuck in the house. Flat on my @55 in bed and not doing much but struggling to clear anesthesia and intravenous painkillers…still. And not having a lot of fun with my very long to-do list getting longer.

I stumbled into a room that I’ve not been able to tolerate due to pain and heat and other issues. Those missing journals? Sitting on a table I knew I’d checked many, many times.

Now, I’ve had a lot of visitors in and out, and some I’d rather be permanent exiters than visitors. But I suspect those demons from the alternate dimension of Panmultimegadaimonium just got too bored or too embarrassed or felt too uneducated to keep my journals so they magically returned them.

Unfortunately, they are missing several pages. The numbering looks oh-so close to mine. I sincerely hope those demons aren’t experimenting with forgery. I also hope images don’t get released of those pages.

Because those demons are like a lot of people… they can’t tell reality from imagination, sanity from insanity, stories from biography, encouragement and exhortation from gossip and backbiting…


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