The Flute and the Drum

A fairy princess
Tiny, dainty, demure
Suddenly exploded
Became tall and angular
A giant sprite dancing in answer to Pan’s flute
Soft and sweet but repetitive and restrictive

We used to dance together in Pan’s clearing
Whirling, twirling, stretching, laughing

Now I hear the beat of another drummer
The flute no longer moves me
My staccato steps pound a pattern of warfare and advance

I hear the flute and see my sprite
There she stumbles, careens, crashes, mumbles
She hears the flute and the drum
And can’t understand why I’m deaf to the flute
And she can’t find the rhythm of my heart in the cadence of the drum

She cries, wails, the silence of her steps deafens my war cry

I stop

We sit in a circle of silence

Pan blows his flute to soothe his sheep
My drummer still sounds the battle cry
But our circle is silent yet

What a quiet joy to have a dream of day
When the flute and drum
Weave a melody of unity and uniqueness
When no one cares
If you hear
The flute
Or the drum
Or the beat of another’s heart

May the steps of my dance and the swaying of my soul
Begin to blend the flute and the drum
So the sprite’s sobs turn to joy!


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