The Wanton Woman

She sits in an upscale coffee shop
Sipping mocha, breathing stale smoke, and watching life
Her weary, care-worn face deceives
Her hazel eyes twinkle and dance with the joy of life

The world can’t stand her–
She believes too passionately
Expresses too clearly and forcefully
Lives too openly

The church can’t stand her–
She smells too much like the world
Acts too much like a man
Considers too many ideas worth contemplation

She has too many personal commitments
And too many former lovers

She has too much money
And not enough time

She loves too much
And walks away too much

But, oh, the lessons she could teach–
Solid stewardship of money, time, and life
Choice of mercy streaming from work-worn fingertips
Mind of reason and logic wrestling with emotion and feeling
Strength of persistence and determination for weathering the hurricanes of life

Invisible and alone and overlooked
Jesus sees and knows
When others are ignorant

It used to bother her, tear her to shreds–
The need to fit in and belong sharper than the strongest diamond

Like coal under pressure
She changed, metamorphosed, bent
To a diamond

Her steely heart beats
A different rhythm
As she stands alone
With Jesus at her back

Not happy, but content and joyful

Why can we not see the value
Of a twinkling, dazzling, brilliant soul
Changed by the pressures
Of time, life, love, and Christ?


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