Zippy Takeover, #8

Dop’shun Day

My humans are so crazy. They gave me some kind of a party yesterday. They brought me in and put me in the middle of a circle. They told me they were happy I lived with them, and I was a good dog. I kind of enjoyed the attention. Then they brought out these crazy toys, but I could tell by the smell they weren’t for my kind, they were for those feline terrors. I got a new collar and a special tag with my name on it; I’m not sure I like those either.

I know that they love me. I’m just not sure what all the fuss of Dop’shun Day is about. I’ve seen them do it for each other, but they don’t call it Dop’shun Day. But it did feel good that they all stopped and paid attention to me because some days they aren’t home all day.

A New Sign

I watch my humans playing with each other all the time. Sometimes they do this thing they call hug — they seem to wrestle standing up but they don’t move. Sometimes they do a kiss–it’s like they’re going in to lick each other, but their tongues are stuck in their mouths and too short to reach. And sometimes they just touch each other’s faces with their hands.

They don’t like it when I try to hug them–they tell me that I just trip them and I’ll get hurt. And forget the kiss/lick thing–they smell bad and their faces get even more squished up. I was frustrated.

Then I discovered a new sign one day quite by accident. I was trying to smack my Mom with my paw because she won’t let me sniff butts, but somehow I didn’t swing hard enough and she didn’t move into it. (Yes, I know. I shouldn’t hit, and usually I never do, but how can I make sure it’s really my Mom if I can’t sniff? It’s very frustrating. Some humans just look too much alike each other, and I can’t always tell them apart except by smell. But I’m chasing my tail…)

My paw just landed on her face too gently and stayed. Her eyes went so wide and then I really started to smell her–that good smell, the really happy smell. She started to scratch my muzzle, and she rubbed behind my ears, and she stroked my belly.

Amazed by my results, I went to one of her human whelps, the one that looks exactly like the other but smells like a good leader (the other smells more like a good litter playmate). I touched my paw to her face the same way… and she did the same thing!

Now I at least have one sign that I taught my humans. I can tell them when I need them to pay attention to me and play with me.


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