Zippy Takover, #9

It’s the time of year when my humans list all the things that they are thankful for. It’s not the time of year I would choose, but humans are always a little crazy. And they always seem to list weird things. And I can’t get them to explain thanks and thankfulness. So, I thought I would see what I could think of that I would be happy for.

  • My tail still wags
  • I can still run all over this human kennel, and I even have my own room
  • I have a warm place to sleep all the time, and I can sometimes nap in the sunshine
  • I only have to go outside to pee and poop, and sometimes I can make them let me wait if it’s rainy or cold
  • I don’t itch as much as I used to
  • My kibble is always fresh and good for me (even if I don’t like the taste)
  • My water is always cleans (well, mostly)
  • I am learning how to tell my humans what I want
  • I get all the attention a dog could want
  • I have all my own things
  • I can convince my humans to share their things and sometimes their food
  • I have lots of dog friends, especially ‘Ginz and ‘Zee
  • I am loved

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