War and Peace Kiss

Author’s Note: This is the prequel to Choking on War and Peace. I’m thinking vignette shorts with the interplay, but I’m not sure what else I’ll show. I can’t say the resemblance to the living or dead is purely coincidental; let’s just say all art captures the patterns of everyday life.

The warrior wandered the stalls in the Peace Festival bazaar. She despised these events. Too many noises, too many odors, and too much motion… her warrior’s senses were too finely tuned to endure much. In some stalls troubadours crooned love ballads, in others dancers were just as tone and fit as the best clan skirmishers. Yet in others, the Life Spice flowed, with disgusting odor, mindlessness, and unreality.

As she turned a corner, she saw a distant courtyard. A local school was luring new students with free food. Free was not acceptable to the clan, but hunger gnawed her gut ravenously.

She wandered closer, hiding her sword under her cloak. Her heart fell: the Goddess of Peace owned the school. Peace followers were habitually annoying. They didn’t understand that without warriors you couldn’t have books and ideas and places to study.

She noticed a figure in the corner while she was turning to leave. He was tall and lean, but not like the muscular horsemen. He was a little hunched, probably from many scrolls and books read in candlelight. And he obviously never saw daylight with his skin’s whiter shade of pearl.

She wavered with leaving, but the air around the scholar seemed to dance. Peasant women came and went with awe, and he seemed not to notice.

She crept up quietly, “Hey, scroll-snake, the Goddess of Peace okay if I inhale some food?”

He blinked, and his green eyes widened as the tip of her sword flashed near her ankle. “Maybe…if you come to study some scrolls and act like you care and have a brain. And hide that monstrosity. ”

She cocked her head. She didn’t want the peace junk, but a true warrior could do a lot for food, even listen to a few talks. And although he wasn’t a stud stallion, he wasn’t a chasm lizard.

As she readjusted her sword under her cloak, her blue eyes twinkled, “Monstrosity hidden. Where’s my meat pie?!?”



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