Returning to War with Chaos

They were in the courtyard together. She studied healing scrolls. Her Chaos God follower studied outlander commerce scrolls. She loved watching him study; he often shared his next study subject or the outlines he crafted for upcoming Chaos gatherings.

They’d tried to bed each other once. He was sweet and caring, yet adventurous and experienced. However, entwining with someone who served another deity didn’t fit who they were. So they became better friends.

They often partnered for dances, dinners, or other events requiring escorts. He was exploring attraction to men as well, and sometimes a lady friend was the best cover for others’ ignorance. As a warrior clan matriarch, she explored playing other roles and personas.

He gathered his things, departing to meet a local wise woman to discuss the effects of various herbs. As he left, the warrior clan matriarch felt a familiar dizziness. The unseen realms were suddenly more vivid, more crystalline. What she saw left her feeling uneasy, sick, and anxious.

The image defied description at a newer, stronger level. Through the War God connection, she saw her Chaos God follower somehow disordered the unseen realm fabric.

Her skills weren’t sufficient to fix it; neither god would. War God rules bound them; because Chaos was followed, War would not interfere. Worse, at some undisclosed future day, the disordered fabric would interfere with her War God exercises.

She wrapped up the scrolls. She meandered mindlessly to the practice grounds. No exercise she’d learned, even the ones shaping the unseen realms, quelled the uneasiness. So she went to the commissary.

The old general guarded the door. Her blue eyes and years of experience told her the warrior clan matriarch’s stance was overly reserved. The old general cocked her head invitingly; the warrior clan matriarch strategically described all that transpired.

The old general grew silent, momentarily distant. “You know what to do.”

“I can’t. I won’t.”

“You will. It’s for the best.” The warrior clan matriarch rose, grabbed a meal she barely ate, and returned to the courtyard, waiting for her Chaos God follower.

He entered, gorgeous and strong.

“Love, let’s talk.”

He curled up on the brick wall beside her.

“Your recent Chaos God exercises went wrong somewhere. The unseen realms have too many new issues; it’s excruciatingly unpleasant for me.”


“I can fix it…” His brown eyes brightened. “But you have to be dedicated to the War God.”

“I’d do anything for you, but not that.”

“Then I can’t help. I have to do this for me. I can’t meet you again until the unseen realms are righted.”

He never ran so fast. She wept uncontrollably in her living quarters. His brown eyes and departing backside would haunt her night dreams until the day her bones grave-molded.


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