War and Peace Play

In the months after the disappointing midsummer ball, the warrior clan matriarch regrouped. She ran a few raids for her tribe’s elders, she cleaned the weapons storage areas. Peace talks had stopped for a bit.

As the hot days of summer dripped into the cooler days of fall, the peace talks began again. The green-eyed scholar announced a new talk to be held in a local hall managed by the followers of the Goddess of No-Name God.

As the attendees gathered, the scholar led a group of musicians into the hall. They played and sang a new hymn dedicated to the Goddess of Peace. It was a story song listing characters and the things they had done for the Peace Goddess.

After the first rendition, the scholar announced that all the attendees would be assigned a role to act out. The warrior clan matriarch was intrigued. It wasn’t like temple worship, and they were just telling a story. She figured it would be acceptable to the War God for her to participate in the name of intelligence gathering.

She felt a little frustrated when he cast her opposite himself and another male attendee to act the role of these three silly man-children who accepted a bad law. Not only did they accept a bad law, but they decided to die to fight the law without fighting at all. How dare he?

In the back of her mind, though, the nagging thought whispered the question of courage. Was courage the ability to act no matter what? Was courage the ability to accept reality without a fight? Or was courage a balance of acting and being and knowing which was which?

She never got a chance to ask. As the group finished, the scholar dismissed them to go and serve the Goddess of Peace.



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