Fighting for the Hare Escap[ad]e

Author’s Note: Alright, I know I said the last one was the last one. In reality, I think I’m going to keep the series open. I won’t be quite as active with it, and I need to figure out how to sequence the stories. Merry Christmas! Enjoy this light-hearted tail.

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch sighed. Truly, all life lives at the expense of other life. But it seemed hopeless to send the chasm hares to the clover clouds due to alchemy.

For weeks, she met with two female alchemists, one with green eyes, one with brown. They studied healing potions derived from live chasm hares. They were snared by the trap every warrior avoids: naming a doomed creature. Whether for food or protection, killing something with a name is torture.

The class required the trio to clean the chasm hare cages. The malodorous scent caused most to vomit, but the brawler quarters after the War Games smelled far worse.

At one of the last sessions, she stroked the petal soft fur and caught a glance of the one hare’s purple eyes. She couldn’t kill them. They should be released into moon clover in the Peace Temple courtyard.

“Is killing them truly right?”

“We’ve used everything we can. The potion odors change them. It’s not right,” green eyes replied.

“What if the change hasn’t really happened? Could they be freed?”

“Guess so,” suggested green eyes.

“You game for freeing them?”

Green eyes sighed. “I’m in,” brown eyes agreed.

It took until moon rise to plan the chasm hare heist for the very next moon rise. They departed covertly, expeditiously.

As the moon slipped over the horizon on the next rise, the three women clad in drab black stole noiselessly to the cages. They stopped, listening for footsteps.

The warrior clan matriarch grabbed the first chasm hare. Green eyes adamantly but soundlessly refused. Brown eyes snatched it and hid it in her knapsack.

The warrior clan matriarch grabbed the second chasm hare. Adjusting her sword, she swaddled the creature in a fold of her cloak.

The three stealthily crept out of the alchemy enclosure. They briskly strode through town to the Peace Temple. The warrior clan matriarch looked around the courtyard enclosure and spied a knee-high patch of moon clover.

The three ran to the patch, gently settling the chasm hares in the purple clover heads. The creatures quivered and suddenly leaped off.

The three dispersed. The warrior clan matriarch cast a quick secretive glance back to ensure her green-eyed scholar hadn’t suddenly arrived. Relieved by his absence, she returned to her quarters, confused both by the petty theft and the sudden urge for new life experiences.


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