The True Cost of Freedom

Do you know the cost of true freedom?

  • Crust of bread, drops of wine, and kisses on the cheek for 30 pieces of silver and a pound of betrayal
  • 39 lashes with dead animal skin, shards of bone, and shredded humanity
  • Thorns driven to bone through flesh like butter and love pierced by mocking hatred
  • Splintering beams crushing compassion beneath the fractures of lust and hypocrisy
  • Going the distance bleeding out with all your friends gone and your mother crying out
  • Nails driven to beams by man’s inhumanity to man
  • Hanging alone in the sun in the absence of the Father’s gaze, the job of a God done by One bereft of His Father’s presence
  • Skies darken, the earth shakes, the veil is torn, His life is snuffed out

Do you know the cost of true freedom?

One solitary life infinitely divine yet finitely mortal
Freely given to purchase true freedom.

Forgiveness ran red to pardon every sin.
Mercy flowed scarlet to justify the soul.
Grace granted in vermillion to sanctify the saint.
Healing given in titian to break chains.

Freedom is never free.
The cost is high.

Choose love to testify to the price we can never pay.
Choose life to honor the debt we can never fulfill.


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