Kittie’s Littered Musings, #3


In the weeks leading to Christmas, my husband has been singing bits and pieces of the song, “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas.” While we girls gave him some symbolic hippos, I would argue that he already has what he needs. Come with me as we meander down the mental tangles that allow me to make this assertion.

The roots for the word hippopotamus mean “river horse.”

I often argue that he has to consider me a skittish Arabian mare. That is, I’m fine and true, but you’d best watch for my hooves if you make the wrong moves. Wrong moves are easy when you deal with survivors of abuse and/or bullying.

I am also a charismatic devoted to the Holy Spirit. Jesus often said that the Holy Spirit would be like rivers of living water flowing from our belly.

Therefore, his skittish Arabian mare who moves and grooves in the Holy Spirit can be considered a hippopotamus. He’s had what he wanted all along; he just didn’t know it.

Stats on Blogs

I question the value of keeping stats on blogs. Sometimes, the purpose of a blog is to put ideas out there. I don’t necessarily care how many views I have, how many have liked a piece, or how many have visited the blog.

I would rather see things like a list of my followers and which pieces they’ve liked or a list of the best categories in which I’ve written pieces or a cross-analysis of length of pieces versus number of likes.

Although, that said, I’m not sure I’d want those kinds of numbers kept on me. I’m not sure I’d want that kind of granularity in the data on me. Perhaps, the whole numbers game, especially on a blog written for pure enjoyment, is a bad thing and too much like Big Brother.

Gender Benders

My current denominational pew is working on revising its position on marriage. It won’t declare wrong is right, but it will try to further define and solidify its stance Biblically.

I’ve seen some drafts being done by individual churches or pastors. They tend to be vague and high level, perhaps to offer some protections against lawsuits for individual cases.

Unfortunately, I don’t think they are quite ready for the complexities they will face. For example, let’s say a person with a female body and female gender identity wants to marry a person with a male body and female gender identity. Do you define marriage based on the biological body, which in this case would be Biblically permissible? Or do you define marriage based on the gender identity, which probably would not be Biblically permissible?


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