Christian Counterpoint to “Catalysis Paralysis”

Author’s Note: About a month ago, I wrote a teary-eyed, heart-wrenching poem (don’t choke at the intentional melodrama) about my hubby and his sometimes lacksadaisical approach to his health. It was written from my less-than-Christ controlled side. Today, I’m going to share the response to it from within a more self-disciplined, Christian worldview.

I thank our LORD for your leadership.
I thank our LORD for your joy.
I thank our LORD for your challenges when my soul was on the brink.

I’ve loved you, and I’ve needed you,
But our LORD was always first.

I’ll carry your memory in my heart,
And in my soul I know we’ll meet again
To dance in worship together in His Presence
And lay crowns at His Nail-Scarred Feet.

When Jesus calls
You answer.
Don’t stay.


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