Zippy Takeover, #10

Santa Paws

It’s that time of year. Santa Paws came again. I always get so confused. I don’t understand why he brings me things when Mom and ‘On already take care of me.

I don’t like my new bed. I wish Santa Paws hadn’t brought it. My Mom and ‘On don’t seem to understand that I don’t like being on the floor. I like sitting where they sit and seeing what they see. I learn more that way.

I do like my new treats. They are so good, and I don’t get so itchy with them. I used to get so itchy I thought I’d bite my own paws off.

Santa Paws does seem to be smarter about who I am than Mom, ‘On, and the whelps. He didn’t bring me any toys this year; he knows I always prefer humans to toys.

Red — Go!

My Mom and ‘On and their whelps play a new game with me and I have so much fun with this game. I can feel my tail starting to wag just thinking about it.

Out of nowhere, this red… thing… appears on the floor. It is so bright. I must chase it. I must catch it. I have to give it to them because it seems to follow their hand instructions better than I do. They just point, and it moves!

I sometimes get tired because the thing is so smart. It even knows how not to have a smell when it appears and disappears. I sniff and sniff and get nothing. It does sometimes let me catch it, but then it comes back.

When I get too tired, it just goes away for a while.

The New Game

I am still trying to work on my humans for my favorite game. They have that thing they call trash that they keep getting rid of. But sometimes, I’m sneaky and can get it.

I love smelling it and rolling in it and shredding it. I put it all over the floor in the best dog designs, and then I sit and wait for them to come play with me for being so good.

But they still don’t get the message that it’s good. They get all upset. I get the “bad dog” sign. They smell scared. And I think they make their voices really loud.

I wish ‘Ginz or ‘Zee could tell me what they’re thinking.


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