Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 6

After returning the brown-eyed spirit-healer to her living quarters on the square, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch crossed the Temple of Peace courtyard, flipped the knob to unbolt the door, and entered her own living quarters.

The two blue-eyed daughters had moved their sleeping blankets to the floor in the room with the green-eyed acolyte. The acolyte still slept peacefully. The matriarch left the room, knowing her personal night would be long.

She went to her private interior chamber. First, she wrote notes to the frame-healer and the spirit-healer. The spirit-healer’s was short with just the time of the meeting. The frame-healer’s was longer, including a brief summary of the intelligence based on rumors she’d collected from the spirit-healer.

As the envelopes were addressed and sealed, the matriarch focused on the candle’s flickering flame. She breathed deeply, cyclically, rhythmically, and used the War God connection to query the War God about her next steps.

When no answer came, the matriarch made one last round of the living quarters, bolted the door, latched the windows, checked the three girls, and then settled on the divan.

As the sun rose, the matriarch heard some stirring from the sleeping quarters. The green-eyed acolyte wriggled.

“Are you hungry? Would you like some fruit?”

Green-eyes stared blankly back, but somewhere in the back of the beautiful orbs something flickered.

“Should I just get you a little broth and some crackers?”

Soundlessly, the girl nodded.

“Excellent. I’ve never known a young one who didn’t need food.”

As the matriarch prepared the broth and crackers in the cooking space, the younger blue-eyed daughter joined her.

“Morning, sunshine! Hope you slept well. I’m getting our guest some food. Do you think maybe we should contact her parents?”

“Mom-mom, she lives at the dormitory for the Temple of Peace. She never talks about parents. She’s never mentioned family.”

Startled, the matriarch almost dropped the tray she was preparing. “Hmmm. Is there someone at the Temple we should send a message?”

“Maybe that blue-eyed brother that talks with a funny accent?”

“Okay. Please take that tray to your friend. I will return in a moment.”

The matriarch returned to her private interior chambers. She scrawled a message to the blue-eyed brother and sealed it. She gathered all the envelopes and returned to the cooking space.

“Mom-mom, she’s eating, but not as good as she normally eats.”

“It’s a start. Please carry these messages to the two healers from yesterday and the brother you mentioned. Thank you.” The child bolted her gawky frame out the door.


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