Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 7

Resting on the divan, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch found peace as elusive as chasm lizards. Her blue-eyed daughters were at the Temple of Peace while the green-eyed acolyte rested in the matriarch’s sleeping quarters.

Toward late morning, the quiet was shattered by three sharp raps. She rose, looked out the window, and saw the blue-eyed brother. She opened the door.

“Please come in. Make yourself comfortable. Do you need something? Food? Drink?”

“No, thank you. I only have a few moments. I got your message. I don’t understand what you need.”

“I’m sorry, brother. My girls found one of your acolytes; she’s in really bad shape. We connected her to some healers, but we want to alert her caretakers. We’d like to send her to her own people; initial exams indicate a lengthy healing process.”

“I wish I could help you . She was delivered to our doorstep in a leather satchel late one night many moons ago. There was a letter indicating the parents weren’t ready to be parents and they were trusting the temple to raise her.”

“Wow. How’s that been going?”

“Not well. We are predominantly male as you know. We have so little insight into women and children. We’ve tried working with spirit-healers to improve, but they’re so… disorganized, irrational, undedicated.”

“I disagree with your perception. But that’s another conversation. Give me a few moments; I will describe the scenario the green-eyed acolyte faces. Tell me if the Temple has resources to help her. If not, identify connections that can. By the way, you don’t talk the way I expected; my daughters said you had a funny accent.”

The blue-eyed brother chuckled, “They’re great kids. They just don’t quite have the… uh… mental aptitude to know that I used to travel with an acting corp so I have unusual skills. Kids pay attention far better when I use accents.”

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch, sighed, waiting for War God inspiration. Receiving nothing, she took a deep breath and continued, “Let me conjure a worst case scenario of what this child faces. Both the frame-healer and the spirit-healer I’ve been working with think there was a forced union under the influence of some substance from outland. We’ve not yet met to discuss the situation in detail, but from warrior perspective, it isn’t looking like your courtyard.”

He sighed, his eyes welling with tears. “We can’t help. We just don’t have the resources. Is she with child? We love life. It would be even harder to turn her away if she has a baby inside, but we would have to. We don’t even have the right connections.”

“Not what I wanted to hear as a warrior or matriarch,” she commented sharply.

“I need to get back for my peace talks. Do you need anything else?”

“No, other than for you scroll-snakes to get better about female issues.” She tried to laugh, but frustration exploded.

As the blue-eyed brother left the living quarters shaking his head, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch settled back against the divan. Midday meal was less than a candle flicker away, and already she felt a weariness words could not express. Knowing the green-eyed acolyte was silently resting, the blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch slowed her breathing to pursue rest.


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