Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 8

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch prepared a tray with meat, fruits, and vegetables. She also filled a water jug and prepared cups. Although Life Spice would take the edge off her anxiety and anticipation, she knew the spirit-healer could not handle it.

Her blue-eyed daughters were at the Temple of Peace dormitories, and the green-eyed acolyte’s sleep was restless. An alchemy product would have helped, but sometimes the body does not tolerate alchemy products after great stress.

There were three groups of three sharp raps. The old blue-eyed frame-healer always had unusual quirks; he seemed “touched” as well.

She opened the door, “Welcome. There’s food and water on the table. Please sit on the floor since the divan is currently my bed. My brown-eyed warrior isn’t home, so it’s not a problem yet.”

In a scratchy voice, the brown-eyed spirit-healer croaked, “Well, you’re not serving Life Spice, and you’ve laid out the fruit I need for recovery. Well fought, well fought!”

All adults gathered on the floor. “The child can’t leave yet, but we really need this session. We’ll have speak softly and not get too gruesome.”

Both healers agreed.

“Let’s start with frame details.”

The frame-healer began, “I have no words. I’ve never seen a case like this. It’s too soon for a moon clover test. She may have received alchemy products. If so, I don’t know if they stay in her system, and I don’t know if they negate the moon clover test. I also don’t know if her thinking and speech issues are from trauma, alchemy, or something we can’t test for. Brains are such odd, complex tools.”

The matriarch responded, “Oh, good. A greater challenge for us. Anything else I should know?”

“Well, as a warrior you know there are union diseases that we can’t find until people get the signs later in life.”

“What about DeadLife Nightmare?”

“We don’t have any similar local alchemy products. I need time to do some research. The outlands have some like it. Rumors say the outlands have some unusual union diseases. Only recently, they’ve seen some that were confined to animals.”

“Ugh…” The matriarch sighed. “All right. Let’s hear from the spirit-healer.”

“Our group excels at healing mind, body, and heart-soul following union issues. However, we have nothing for children. We also have nothing when alchemy products are used. We are blessed that alchemy products aren’t often used locally; alchemy products inhibit healing in these cases–you don’t know there’s a problem, your body reacts like there is, you don’t have a good cause, so you can’t get help.”

As the spirit-healer winced from the setting sun’s glare, the matriarch said, “Hmm… so our little acolyte faces many problems. The Temple of Peace just added another… she can’t stay because they feel unqualified.”

“Additionally, the unseen realms touch this situation.”

The warrior raised her eyebrows, exclaiming, “What?!? How so?”

“In my exercise last night, which cannot happen again any time soon, I felt an evil nasty had arrived during whatever happened. It’s still with her, and making it go will require collaboration. Almost unheard of these days.”

“So we have a problem. We cannot define the problem’s source, size, signs, end results.” The matriarch growled her worst imitation of a mountain bear.

The two healers sighed. Stony silence descended as the group considered the problem’s immensity.


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