Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 12

We have been doing some legwork and spying for about three full moon cycles. There are several issues.

First is DeadLife Nightmare. It is a nasty alchemy product created five countries away. Its use has completed decimated three, and it is starting to be used both on our border and the country over.

It has several versions, each with different side effects. All versions result in paralysis and a victim’s inability to move. One variation allows the victim to see and hear everything trapped in a motionless body. Another causes the victim to blackout and remember nothing. A final variation improves female fertility and hides symptoms of pregnancy.

That’s the good news. The bad news is we have no way to know if it’s been used or what the long-term side effects are. We cannot test for its presence. Worse, it is used primarily to force unions and sometimes trap victims in prostitution.

With the forced union, there is the possibility of some union diseases being passed. Unverifiable rumors indicate some of the union diseases might have started in the animals. In the land of origination, deaths have occurred from DeadLife Nightmare.

I don’t know how to fight this, nor do my peers. We have more questions than answers. For us as frame-healers, we are putting together some teams.

First, some younger frame-healers plan to go undercover to the third and fourth border lands. We hope to hide them in with farmers. The goal is to connect with groups of frame- and animal-healers to collect information about DeadLife Nightmare as well as the union diseases.

Second, our older frame-healers are going to look for survivors of forced unions. We are going to look at their health and try to find patterns of long-term sicknesses not related to union. We are going to look at how to manage the physical symptoms better.

Finally, we have heard tales of prairie wolves being tamed two countries over. Somehow, these prairie wolves sniff bellies to help find health problems. This might be useful in place of the moon clover test, or it might be useful for determining pregnancy versus womb wasting disease. We don’t completely understand the tales. We have a good relationship with that country, so we are going to send an investigative team openly. Even if it isn’t directly related to DeadLife Nightmare, it might be worth pursuing for all kinds of frame- and spirit-issues.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, we don’t have child forced union survivors in this land very often. We can’t study them, and it would not be moral to do so. We’re hoping some of you in other fields might have some ideas about how to collect information to study.

I don’t think we’ll be ready for a report in four moon cycles. However we plan to attend anyway to see what the rest of you are doing.

I yield to the spirit-healer.


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