Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 13

Forgive me. This is a difficult topic. I may need to stop mid-sentence and restart.

Forced union is always horrific for spirit-healers. Even more horrific is someone feeling like he or she has undergone forced union and not being able to prove it. Worst of all, in absence of physical proof, some community members heap blame, shame, and guilt on the victim, making it a question of dress, speech, and behavior instead of the commiter’s inability to see the humanity in the victim, inability to control personal union drive, and desire to control another person.


The community of spirit-healers has determined a new course of care. No longer do we plan to publicly search for and name commiters. Nor can we keep lists. Lists tend to publicize and congratulate commiters.

Instead, we focus on victims and survivors. Every reasonable forced union report will be believed even in absence of proof. Victims will be encouraged and sent to a safe environment to undergo a long-term process for healing. Victims become survivors. Forced union is not the victim’s fault.

We also plan to study known commiters. We want to identify what personalities and histories result in commiters, and we want to intervene early.

At this time, we don’t know what DeadLife Nightmare will do to our current plans. We have learned some individuals in the fourth and fifth lands secretly deal with post-product spirit-healing, which is illegal there. We hope to send some of our best spirit-healers undercover to learn what they do and how they stay sane in the midst of significant trauma.

We also hope to build the credibility to determine how to work with child forced union victims. It is a most terrifying prospect as we know how quickly we are physically affected by that trauma type. Since we don’t usually see these, we need time to understand what damage patterns we can see.

Also, as a community of all kinds, we need to work together to learn how to get to really know people. When DeadLife Nightmare is in the system, it is very obvious. We should know our neighbors well enough to know when something isn’t right in personality. When the frame-healers determine long-term physical affects of DeadLife Nightmare, we will review their findings to look for what the long-term mind, body, heart-soul affects.

Even longer-term, we expect to review victims of DeadLife Nightmare to determine any patterns based on gender, health, family style. We don’t expect to find any as this is a commitment of opportunity.

We also want to study how to build our children up to be able to resist commiters and to be able to recognize and respond to unsafe environments and scenarios.

In general, we need to connect to each other and look out for each other more. We particularly need to monitor our children more closely. Finally, we need to be positive and encouraging. Condemnation only adds to the likelihood of commitment and the trauma victims experience. Long-term we want victims to become survivors.

Here’s my warrior friend. You’ll excuse me while I go retch.


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