Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 14

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch returns to the stage.

Thank you all for listening!

Healers: Please treat me as a central coordination point should any of your efforts require the work of warriors. You may be dismissed. Ya’ll done good gang!

Alchemists: Please prepare to work with the healers as they do their DeadLife Nightmare research. Also make batches of the more common alchemy products used to patch up us careless warrior types. Blow us away!

Song Birds: Just be careful. Keep your eyes and ears open for any new information. Write new songs that share what we know as verifiable truth. You are dismissed. Fly high and sing true!

Those of you serving the Chaos God and Goddess of No-Name God, I know this is a hard request. Consider all work in the unseen realms carefully; only do that which you are absolutely sure will not affect anything we do or draw anything more evil. If you sense anything evil, please get me a message. You are dismissed. Enjoy the chaos?!?

Matriarchs and retired warriors: Work together to really know and watch your neighborhoods. Don’t make it an obvious observation as some may not like being watched. You are dismissed. Rock it!

Warriors not serving the War God: Work with the warriors serving the War God to assume their positions not related to this scenario. Also use your spies to help the different healers as they gather the stories and information they need. You are dismissed. Fight the good fight!

She stands, waiting for the crowd to thin and silence to return.

War God Worshipers: I’m hoping your War God connections are practiced enough to know all those dismissals were a little too light-hearted. This situation is grave. The horrors in the unseen realms in those lands where DeadLife Nightmare exists have so tainted everything that those with connections can’t even get near the border. All our unseen realm work will need to be done from a distance. Know that our suspected victim has some evil entity with her. Expect that evil entities in the unseen realms are the norm for this situation, not the exception. Try to be physically safe before doing any unseen realm work. Our War God’s territory has suffered violence. The violent always try to take our territory forcefully. Let’s run to the battle!!!


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