Invasion of DeadLife Nightmare, Part 15b

The blue-eyed warrior clan matriarch stood guard as her blue-eyed daughters and the green-eyed girl danced in the moon clover at the Temple of Peace courtyard. Four moon cycles after the great meeting, she did not look pregnant. Her physical healing was complete; however, she still lacked communication.

“Hey! Oka! Hey!” The brown-eyed spirit-healer came running barefoot in wildly colorful outlander clothes. The two women briefly embraced.

“Long time, no see, old friend. Where were you sent?”

“Two lands over. There is a phenomenal school for troubadours, healers, and … oh, I don’t know, non-politician peacekeepers. They don’t know what we face, but their retired peacekeepers gave me valuable trauma recovery details. I also learned new spirit-healing techniques from their spirit-healer equivalents.”

“Anything on child trauma?”

“Certain peacekeepers have a mind trick to trap commiters into living as their victims until the commiters realize their errors. As a result, they don’t have many cases. They said something about my having the wrong gifts. It’s unfortunate. The technique seems effective.”

“Would any of your new spirit-healing techniques work for her? I hate not knowing what happened; what we don’t know could hurt her.”

“You call, I’ll try.”

“Should I bind you to keep you out of a Life Spice stall?”

“You could try, but not for that reason,” the healer winked.

The matriarch just shook her head and blushed, “That’s not my thing; I’m faithful to my outlander warrior.”

Positioning herself in an unusual cross-legged position, the healer tuned the matriarch out.

“Green-eyes, come please.” The child bounded over.

“Please sit by my spirit-healer friend. She’s learned some new things she wants to try. If we see inside your head, we can help you better.”

The child faced the spirit-healer and mirrored her seated position. The spirit-healer took a few deep breaths more, then laid her hands on the child’s head.

After a candle flicker, the spirit-healer snorted and said, “Okay, you may go.” As the child returned to play, the spirit-healer writhed on the ground with debilitating laughter.

“Oh, you will never believe this. I don’t even know where to start or how to end.” Tears streamed down the spirit-healer’s face, as her belly jiggled.

“What did you see?!?”

After a few candle flickers, the brown-eyed spirit-healer sighed and sat up. The matriarch said, “Do tell.”

“Some outlanders from near the DeadLife Nightmare lands were visiting the Temple of Peace. One tall, gangly green-eyed man stared at her for a few moon rises. She felt uncomfortable in a novel way, so she went to a remote chasm goat pasture. Dressed in the robes of a Temple of Peace priest, he followed her.” The spirit-healer collapsed in laughter again.


“You know, we shouldn’t share this story. Its humor is inappropriate. Anyway, that particular temple is exceptionally modest, even too prudish to do communal ritual bathing? Well, evidently, the outlander had a commiter’s mindset. He hoped the priest outfit would trick the girl. When the robes opened, his love sword was upright.”

“Oh, no!”

“No, not that. The girl only knows female parts. So when she saw the love sword, she thought she was broken. She shrieked and ran, ending up on that path. He was too stunned to follow because most Temple of Peace people don’t fight back. She slipped in the mud, landing on a log that bruised her hips.”

“Oh, gods! That is too much.”

“Sadly, though, she is confused and still thinks she’s broken. That brokenness is the source of the trauma.”


“That’s okay. I have a spirit-healer farm for her. They are unusual though. All genders and ages run around naked. She will quickly lose the thought of being broken on seeing them! And the mind healing should chase away the nasty in the unseen realms.”


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