Hodge-Podge Poetry, #1

Author’s Note: These are some twiddles I originally jotted down at the very beginning of the first Iraq war. There are just three sets of thoughts in this particular entry, which had no titles (of course). I can’t even remember if they’re supposed be tied together. And while it’s not my best work, everyone has to start somewhere; if your poetry looks like this, take hope. Welcome to Throwback Saturday!

I wanna be a child again
So I can be shielded from all alarm
By daddy’s gentle arms.
God, let me be a little girl
So I can brush away my cares
While mommy strokes my hair.

I just can’t fight the feelings inside.
It all makes so little sense.
I don’t pretend to know the reasons why.
War is hell no matter where,
The front or here at home.

I want to get away
From Iraq’s Saddam Hussein
Whose black gold wreaks havoc in our lives.
The innocent with the guilty–
We all suffer from disunity.


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