Hodge-Podge Poetry, #2

Author’s Note: I originally wrote this as a knock-off of a Vietnam War era peace song, again at the beginning of the first Iraq war. I took it to a music major to just get some licks to sing it to. By the end of the evening, I didn’t like how it was rewritten and it didn’t even sound like me. So here’s the original; I still have the rewrite and may consider burning it in honor of the muses. 😉

Verse 1
They tell me it’s just a war, / And we’re defending freedom. / It’s a war just the same. / Lights burn late into the night. / Great hearts die / And love’s torn apart.

They say the ancient religion’s are dead and gone, / But I alone can see the truth. / They’re fighting for the great false god / Whose black blood covers the waters / Until the sands blaze with anger, / Fiery red with the blood of the new martyrs.

Verse 2
Orphans cry out / As cherubim fly home too soon. / The “madman” like us / Has taken control. / A mighty little nation / Wiped away.

Verse 3
We have to bring him down a peg; / We must lead the way. / This shall never happen again. / Peace shall cover the land. / It’s said there’s no purpose to our action, / But we all answer to a higher plan.


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