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The Nights of Wine, Song, and God

Sweetness on my tongue
Burns down the gullet,
Wiping away the whine of life
And cheesy complainers.

Rhythm around me
Moves my body in new ways,
Swirling away the pain of no wisdom
And poor decisions.

Spirit within my soul
Sanctifies my heart,
Burning away unholy impurities
And all unrighteousness.


Let’s Think about Sex

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about sexual orientation and gender identity. I mean, it’s hard not to with all that’s happened with the Supreme Court decision to usurp state’s rights over gay marriage.

I get heterosexual orientation. That’s easy. Two people of two different biological genders come together.

I (vaguely) understand homosexual orientation. For whatever reason, a person is sexually attracted to people of the same biological gender. It’s sin for me, but I can’t control you so if it floats your boat I’m not going to stop you; however, I also don’t want to be asked to applaud you. (Don’t ask and don’t tell is probably a pretty good policy on many things, not just sexual orientation.)

I don’t completely understand bisexual orientation. In effect, every biological gender is fair game. No one is off limits. Also take into account gender identity–women feeling that their biological identity doesn’t represent your emotional identity of male or men feeling that their biological identity doesn’t represent your emotional identity of female.

My head is already reeling. Who can blame me? Yet, I wonder if there is a component that’s missing in the whole sexuality and gender component. I wonder if there isn’t a sexual orientation based not on biology but based more on personality and ways of reason and logic.

This would best be summed up as the FB meme once suggested: sapiosexual. Sapiosexuals struggle because they don’t identify sexual orientation and attraction based on gender. They identify sexual attraction based on who the person is, how the person thinks, and how the person acts and expresses him- or herself.

While a component may be biologically based, the rest is up to how the person responds to nurture and the environment. In this orientation, body doesn’t come into play until the person in the relationship is well known and an emotional connection–yes, even emotional intimacy–has developed. They are attracted to the mind, the wisdom in the partner.

I suspect this would explain most people who choose to identify as bisexual. I also suspect because sapiosexual is a higher, more intellectual form of attraction that it will never truly exist.

PS: Even if I were sapiosexual, as a Christian I would have to then add the prism of what does God’s Word say about sexuality–one man and woman in a mutually exclusive marriage for life. I would then have to choose to express my sexuality in alignment with the Truth of God’s Word whether I like what I read or not. And no, we’re not dealing with gender identity in this post–the feminazi in me needs some rest and she won’t rest if she starts.

Next Steps Question… Baby or Bust?

All righty then, gang! I’m hoping WordPress is far better than FB at getting my messages out.

The winter doldrums are starting to lift. I’d like to revisit my warrior clan matriarch and do my next series with DeadLife Nightmare (or whatever I called that dreaded alchemy concoction).

The problem I have is that no one has voted for the challenge my warrior chick faces. No matter what, she’s going to be a nexus point for the solution. But I can’t decide if I want her free of the extra mouth or if I want her facing this with a second wave of (foster) motherhood.

So, I’m hoping you as my faithful band of readers will leave me a comment or two to indicate which path this story goes.

A Sheep Truth, Ninefold Challenge Week 6

Author’s Note: This is my submission for Week 6. It is in the ninefold discipline of poetry. At a high level, it is nine syllables per line and nine lines. Three lines are dedicated to the physical, three to the emotional, and three to spiritual. Here’s Ninefold Dragon’s challenge for this week.

Branch by branch I move the dead scrap heap.
Harsh words push my feet and arms to move.
Bad energy aligns my chaos.

Anger rises blinding all logic.
Great ignorance ignites the mind flames,
Burning away all trace of reason.

Soul, submit to ancient Words of Truth!
Mouth, be bound to speak only Life Words!
Follow the Shepherd in deep silence.

Kudos to the POTUS–Republican Death Knell?

I’ve promised my blog would be a potpourri of a little of everything. Tonight we step through the looking glass into political commentary.

Since Scalia’s death, there’s been a ton of controversy surrounding the Supreme Court. Liberals are drooling at the opportunity to shift power in their direction; conservatives are wringing their hands at the possibility of the Court leaning left.

The media, even local yokel ho-hum news shows, are dredging up scenes of Biden and some argument about sitting duck nominations (or maybe the politically correct term was pre-election nominee).

I’d thought I’d seen an announcement about a nomination being made–Sandoval. I don’t know much about him, other than he’s from Nevada, he’s done some judicial work, and he’s the current Nevada governor.

Surprisingly, he is a Republican. Yet he supports abortion, same-sex marriage, green energy. It’s also rumored that he has strongly criticized Obama in some key initiatives, especially Obamacare.

I have to give Obama kudos. This would truly be a strategic, ballsy, and out-of-the-box nomination if he follows through. You pick one of your toughest critics who will also be distrusted by some of your other toughest critics, and then you promote him to a position of power and authority.

Well played, well played!

Unfortunately, Obama can’t take all the credit. This is very similar to something that happened already… in the book of Esther. Even if you believe the Bible is a fairy tale, Esther’s story has power.

Haman was a trusted advisor to King Xerxes of Persia. Haman was so trusted he was a prince among men to the King and had the authority to rule different sections of the country. But Haman had one problem–he despised the Jews (AKA the Chosen Race) because their religion would not let them participate in a simple act of acknowledging his authority, bowing down to him.

Enter Mordecai and Esther. Esther, formerly known as Hadassah, won the Miss Persia Beauty Pageant and became queen of all Persia. Mordecai, because of his responsibility toward Esther, was in the right place at the right time to overhear and report a plot to kill the king (the first whistleblower).

Haman is always trying to get rid of Mordecai and Esther. He hates them so much that he’d like to rid Persia of every last one. So he tricks King Xerxes into issuing a genocide edict.

Yet every plot of Haman gets twisted, and both Esther and Mordecai continue to grow in favor. Even when Haman plans to kill Mordecai, the king decides to kill Haman for plotting against the Jews since Esther is a Jew and for molesting the queen (even if you want to beg for mercy, it’s best to not even touch the queen’s hand).

King Xerxes promoted Mordecai the enemy of Haman twice, once with a parade and robe to honor revealing the plot and then at Haman’s death with promotion to becoming a Prince of Persia.

The King promoted Esther once to win the queen contest, once to enter his presence without bidding, and once more when she helped devise the order to allow the Jews to protect themselves. Haman had tricked the King into a planned act of genocide, and the King could not reverse even his own order stamped with his ring; however, with the help of Esther, he gave a new order empowering the Jews to resist destruction.

If a house is divided is divided against itself, that house cannot stand. — Yeshua ben Yosef 

Too Easy, Ninefold Week 5 Loser

Author’s Note: I want to thank Ninefold Dragon for his challenge. Counting syllables is easy (unless my math is blown away). It’s having the “stanzas” devoted to physical, emotional, and spiritual than has really been fun.
PS — My marriage is safe; I just tried to verbalize one of those ho-hum nights we all face; I face more as march madness approaches.

You sit at one end of the sofa,
The boob tube holding your attention.
Invisible I write my twiddles.

You have an easy comfort in us.
Yet something in me needs more of you,
And I go unnoticed until bed.

I protect the union of our souls.
At my depths I know you do the same.
I wish dancing ink held your gaze more.


Author’s Note: This was written after I read about one more tragedy to someone under 30. Some are suicides, some are homicides, and some are just unknown causes. And yet I feel lost… like I have my finger in a dam that’s ready to break and no one hears as I try to cry for help. Melodrama?

We walk the long, dark hall
Heavy, syrupy, saccharin, morose
Reaching for any touch
Yet unseen, unknown

Some can see the light
They creep, they crawl
Dragging toward the end

Others get lost in darkness
Alone, faltering, failing
Folding into fetal curls

A focus tunneled on the end of the line
Ensures the fetal never develop
And simply die
Potential vaporizing