I am a unicorn

We all know the western images of the unicorn. The horse body with a goat beard and cloven hooves and a single spiralling horn out of the middle of the forehead…

The creature was wild, untameable but so enthralled by purity that the only way to capture him and kill him was to put a beautiful virgin in his path. His horn was rumored to be able to bring purity to poison with just a touch.

As a Christian, I am called to be like a unicorn.

Unless I focus on Jesus, I will never be able to tame the darkness within me. The anger, the pride, the prejudice will all roam freely in my heart and mind until I turn my eyes on Jesus to look at Him. He is the only spotless, pure, unblemished One. Then I need to turn my heart and mind to follow His leading and guidance.

In addition, if I follow Christ closely enough, I will carry His Holy Spirit with me wherever I go. In the presence of the Holy Spirit, it is hard for the poisons of maliciousness, gossip, negativity, and an unholy host of other relationship killers to survive and thrive.


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