Hodge-Podge Poetry, #4

Author’s Note: This one is dated for November 1990. It was most certainly a time of much change and adjustment. Not sure what had happened, but it obviously knocked me on my @55. But I don’t remember it now, unlike what I said in the poem. Definitely, I flipped the truth diamond a few too many times.

I got a good swift kick tonight–
It’s something I can’t forget
Because I didn’t expect it.
Talking about problems
Becomes complaining
When you haven’t the courage to change.
I’ve never had the courage;
I’m driven by quiet desperation
And warped filial piety–
Not piety, fear.
I’m making this hard on myself;
It’s so simple.
I’m me;
Facades frustrate me,
Yet I’ve lived one.
I will not now.
Kiss me, courage;
Hold my hand, wisdom;
Love me, life.
Forgive me.


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