She Cries

She cries
So strong, so strong
Pressure-made diamond
At the bottom of a mine shaft
Buried by eons of death, decay, debris, detritus

She cries
So loud, so loud
A siren song
Exploding at the birth of a universe
Shrouded by silence screaming

She cries
Alone, alone
Weariness woven through pain
Piercing, blinding, searing, seething
Packed by sullen, apathetic sardines

She cries
No one sees
No one hears
No one approaches

And she is not strong.
The ache in her heart
Crushed by loads
Made heavy by black hole ignorance.
Her light
Hides behind eyes too bloody to see.
Her sound
Screeches a cacophony none will bear.
Her touch
Refused refuses the reaching hand.


One thought on “She Cries

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