Love, Ninefold Challenge Week 1 Catch Up

Author’s Note: I found this challenge about two weeks too late. It involves a different kind of poetry style. I honestly don’t completely understand. It’s 3 groups of 3 lines, with 9 syllables each line. The first group is to describe the physical. The second group the mental or emotional. The final is to describe the spiritual. I struggle because groups 2 and 3 always seem to get muddied. I’m also sometimes struggling with counting syllables. You’ll see what I mean in my responses to future challenges. I do need to link back to Ninefold Dragon’s blog to the first week’s challenge.

His thumb brushes the nape of my neck
As his hand strokes the curve of my hip.
I melt relaxing in his embrace.

I write and yet my words are hidden.
I cannot express emotion’s depth.
I lose my meanings in your deep eyes.

Joy explodes as souls become enmeshed.
The union of flesh so long denied
Brings peace that cannot be wiped away.


One thought on “Love, Ninefold Challenge Week 1 Catch Up

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