Panting, Ninefold Challenge Week 4

Author’s Note: I’m caught up. As I progress, I’m finding this a hard format as a writer. I almost feel like I’m falling into a sing-songy rhythm. Hmmm… Anyhow, here’s your link back to Ninefold Dragon’s blog for the form explanation…

Hart sprints through a maze of underbrush,
Tongue hanging, panting with thirst unquenched,
Sensitive in search of babbling brooks.

Weary mind doubts reasons hard to find.
Frustration mounts with each new challenge.
Prideful mind refuses to unwind.

Quench the yearning of my untamed soul.
Fill me with passion’s fire yet unseen.
Immerse my soul in living water.


2 thoughts on “Panting, Ninefold Challenge Week 4

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