Missing You

Author’s Note: I’ve often written of my friend Miriam (not her real name). Most of the time it’s with gratitude and joy. But sometimes, in the dead of winter, like when I penned this one, it’s with a kind of regret for having let go the wrong way. Maybe the season was truly over. I don’t know.

Missing you…
I never thought I would.
I remember the sparkle of your eyes
As your soul danced
In prayer and praise.

I remember the tilt of your head,
Listening to kids
With too much knowledge and not enough wisdom
As you tried to share
Your simple lessons learned the hard way.

I remember the practical love —
Coffee breaks timed perfectly;
Rides to church;
Prayer lasting into the night
Over treats the best retirement could offer.

And then I remember…
I never said thank you.
I didn’t listen to your sage advice.
I couldn’t even jot a note or send a card.
I failed to stay connected.

Thoughtless, thankless, heartless…
Like an enemy at the gates,
I was selfish and in my own world turned hell.

Loving, patient, kind…
Like grace undeserved,
Your friendship was the pearl cast before swine.

It all clicked–
And you’re not in this world
To reap the seeds you’ve sown.

I only hope
In some corner of eternity
You’ll have your kitchen table
And we’ll have some wine and good food
To celebrate our Lamb.

PS–I was an ass, I’m sorry, please forgive me.


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