Too Easy, Ninefold Week 5 Loser

Author’s Note: I want to thank Ninefold Dragon for his challenge. Counting syllables is easy (unless my math is blown away). It’s having the “stanzas” devoted to physical, emotional, and spiritual than has really been fun.
PS — My marriage is safe; I just tried to verbalize one of those ho-hum nights we all face; I face more as march madness approaches.

You sit at one end of the sofa,
The boob tube holding your attention.
Invisible I write my twiddles.

You have an easy comfort in us.
Yet something in me needs more of you,
And I go unnoticed until bed.

I protect the union of our souls.
At my depths I know you do the same.
I wish dancing ink held your gaze more.


3 thoughts on “Too Easy, Ninefold Week 5 Loser

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  2. ninefolddragon

    I absolutely agree that it’s the stanza content that is difficult to adhere to. When I’ve written my own ninefold poetry I’ve tried to break it down into what is seen, what is thought about the seen, and what is transcendant about the seen. Very difficult, but I’ve really enjoyed issuing the challenge and seeing the responses. I think you’ve been the only one participating in all five weeks so far.

    1. kittiephoenixromans08 Post author

      The physical for me is very easy. The separation of emotion and spirit/soul I find the most difficult. Not sure if that’s my unique dysfunction or some of the Christian spirituality I’ve been learning 😉


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