A Masking Masquerade

We all wear them.
We just can’t see them.
They’re not physical
In the sense of a touchable, visible object.

That woman…

She’s strong, powerful, confident
To hide years of silence
By teasing and bullying.

That teen…

He’s happy-go-lucky, the life of the party
To cover a deep anxiety
From testing and death-marching for success.

That old man…

He’s drinking, slobbering, messing
To escape from an old war
Of no support at home and abroad.

That college wild child…

He’s breaking rules and cutting class
To demonstrate he’s stronger
Than a dysfunctional parent and a pitiless small town.

That single mom…

She’s wearing sweats and avoiding makeup
To eliminate social rules
Of entrapment in abuse, poverty, and appearances.

Look closely at the unseen.
See what really is.
Reach out.
Take off the mask.
End the faux appearance.
Be who you really are.
See people as they really are.



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