Stepping Stone and End Points

You dance to the music in your head,
And you reach a good place.
You don’t know anyone,
But that’s okay.

You all hear the music,
You all want the music.
You think it’s the best place.

The music begins…
And it’s just not right.
You have all the right attitudes,
You have all the right platitudes.
But it’s not right.

You leave,
Disappointed by the end of the journey.
Tears begin to fall
As silence roars and shouts the music down.

On your knees,
Sobs declare the brokenness, the emptiness, the aloneness.

As silence descends again, another tune rises from the sky.
It is your music, and it is different.

You dance off, grateful that you weren’t at the end.
What looked like an end crystallized, metamorphosed, reformed
Into a stepping stone to the next best place.


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