Confusion-Fanned Anger, Ninefold Challenge Week 6

Author’s Note: I’m responding to Ninefold Dragon and his Week 6 challenge. He truly does an awesome job of explaining the ninefold style, a formula he developed. And yes, it is my second Week 6 response. I didn’t have any good emotion words, so I tried to paint images of the emotions; I hope it works. Waiting for week 7…

My ethereal sprite is confused.
The rules have changed; we can’t comprehend.
Overwhelming differences scream.

I hurt, I ache, my soul spews lava.
Blazing comets threaten my sealed mouth.
Raging ire immolates willed-silence.

Self-control is no longer the goal.
Faux courtesy forces solitude.
Does connection matter anymore?


2 thoughts on “Confusion-Fanned Anger, Ninefold Challenge Week 6

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