Stones of Remembering

At Jordan’s banks
God’s children crossed dry.
After endless hardships
A miracle enabled progress.
Stones were erected.
Tribe by tribe
They picked the stones
To remind them of God’s endless love and mighty works.

My heart is stony and hard.
The stones should remind me
Of the many God-grace moments
In my life…
Finding worship;
Laughing, living children;
Loving, laughing husband.

Instead the stones are my battering rams,
My excuse to stall out, never advance…
Stoned by my rejection of others;
Crushed by my loss of connection;
Bruised, battered, and bleeding from unwise choices.

How I long to use those stones
As an altar of worship,
To become madly undignified
And dance an unashamed waltz of wisdom.

Lifelong victory is there somewhere.
I need to push away the stones
And seize the high call of God Almighty,
To live with reckless joy and abandonment in His Will.

Let go of the past!
Live in the present!
Look to my eternal future!

It is finished.
It is done.
The battle’s won.
Move on.


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