Recipe for (Spiritual) Indigestion


  • Two parts impatience and mean-spiritedness
  • One part jealousy
  • One part braggadocio
  • A heap of pride
  • Two parts each impoliteness, selfishness, and rapid anger
  • A complete history of every mistake
  • Pleasure in doing and seeing wrong
  • A pinch more impatience
  • A handful of lies and half-truths
  • A root of rejection
  • Sprinkles of mistrust, despair, and caving


  1. Put all ingredients into old wineskin of an unrenewed mind
  2. Set the human heart to lukewarm
  3. Surround the human with hellfire and brimstone (alternatively, you may use comfort and pleasant circumstances)
  4. Wait until the human no longer hears the voice of the Holy Spirit


Seared conscience is served lukewarm!




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